Give Anime a Try


Anime is a great type of show that everyone should give a try. Anime is a Japanese style of film and television animation. Anime is a good way to see a story. The writers and animators put a lot of effort into their anime to make sure we the viewers enjoy every second of it.

 There are so many different genres of anime that you’ll surely find something that will interest you. Here is a video link of the different genres if you are interested

Most anime have a dub( English voice acting) if Japanese doesn’t suit you. You can watch anime on many different streaming platforms but the mainstreaming platforms for strictly anime are Funimation and Crunchyroll. 

If you want to start on an anime but you are stuck on what to start, here are some anime that were rated the top anime of the year 2021, My Hero Academia, A Story about how a boy that lives in a superhero society is born without any superpowers but is giving the chance to become the number one hero because he’s grated the power of the number one hero at the time. Demon Slayer is a story in which a boy’s family is murdered by a demon and his sister turns into a demon as well but instead of wanting human blood, she helps him in his quest to avenge his family and turn his sister back into a human. Attack On Titan is another one that is very popular, Humanity is struggling to survive and is forced behind giant walls because man-eating titans are out to get them.