Valentine’s Day Goes To The Dogs & Cats

Xander waits patiently for his Valentine’s gifts for this year.

Rose Ramirez, Staff Writer

For people out there who are single, it can be a difficult day of looking through social media or watching tv and seeing happy couples indulging in the spirit of the day. Still, there are some ways to participate when you aren’t in a relationship. Buying gifts for family, crush grams, or even friend grams are just a few ways single people can participate in Valentine’s Day.

Dexter looks forward to all of the gifts coming for him.

All these things are nice, but if they don’t give that warm, fuzzy feeling you expect of Valentine’s Day there is another option, pet grams. One of the best feelings on Valentine’s day is seeing the other person’s excitement. The feeling of their appreciation and happiness gives magic to Valentine’s day. With their unconditional love, Pets would be over the moon to receive a gift from one of their favorite human beings. 

They don’t need much, but spending a little extra on them instead of chocolate will most likely get you one of the most genuine reactions of happiness you have seen recently. 

Choosing the right gift is hard, so here are some ideas of what you could get. Rabbits love to move their toys around to make a nest, so getting them a basket and some heart-shaped toys is a great way to get into their good graces. 

Getting a cat some special catnip treats for the holidays will make them happy, they might even let you cuddle them.

Dogs are easy hearts to please, some tasty treats and some new toys would make their day, and a nice bone wouldn’t hurt either.

Goats wanting treats and love this Valentine’s Day

For more exotic animals, horses would never say no to fresh veggies, and a good brushing. Goats would love to have some treats and if they like to climb, setting up an obstacle course would keep them entertained. 

If all this seems like a good idea, but money is an issue, there is still something you can do. They would appreciate the toys, treats, and other things that you get them but above all, pets like to spend time with you, lying down on the floor to give some cuddles, or spending time with them in general, playing or relaxing, is the best gift they would ever ask for.

So this Valentine’s day, ensure your pets get the loving attention they deserve by buying them a pet gram.

How could you resist Ember’s little face this Valentine’s? (Kristi Studts)
Sid is begging for fun and food for Valentine’s this year. (Gabriella Comer)
Beckett would love some cookies and treats on Valentine’s. (Kristi Studts)