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The Crazy Parking lot

Alyssa Chavez
This is an example of how many cars are in the parking lot.

The student parking lot at Verrado High School is quite insane and there tends to be a lot of issues. There is constant honking in the student parking lot, on top of the swerving and yelling. Our school’s parking lot brings out some bad sides of students here at Verrado and all the terrible drivers come to light.

Since our school is full of teenagers, they are newer to driving and make mistakes which is understandable. The crazy part is that a significant number of students who use the parking lot don’t have licenses and almost all of them don’t have parking passes.

Bryson Taylor is a senior at Verrado High School who drives to and from school and he too has to deal with the insane parking lot. Bryson claims, “I feel that the parking lot is VERY poorly designed. There should definitely be more than one entrance and exit, which it seems like there could be”

Between this year and last school year, there have been twenty-two car accidents in Verrado’s Student parking lot. In less than a month there have been two crashes in the parking lot with one incident where an adult was driving.

Not to mention, the accidents that are known are just the ones where people have come forward about.

Constance Ibarra, another senior here at Verrado, had to say on the parking lot issues, “I feel like people rush to get out of there, and doing that causes all the accidents and honking in the lot”

The lot is so full of students rushing to get to their car and get out first, which causes so much traffic because everyone is trying to leave at the same time. Most teenagers are very impatient and will compete to get out first.

Constance adds on, “The lot is crazy because people try and rush to get out, otherwise you’ll be stuck in traffic for ten minutes”.

Another issue is the fact that Gen-Z absolutely loves their phones and uses them even when they are driving. This not only means that they aren’t paying attention, but they are breaking the law as well.

Some solutions to ensure more safety to students is to back into the parking spot, don’t rush to be out first, and always check mirrors. Once you actually make it out of your spot, withdraw the distractions, don’t speed, and always wear a seatbelt!

Bryson Tayor states, “I believe people need to work on their patience, but also on being kinder while driving here. Being courteous and letting people out before you really won’t ruin your whole day”

Not only are there problems with cars hitting other cars, but students are driving so fast that at times they almost hit students who are walking by. Because the students walking often don’t pay much attention either, the driver will often have to break very hard to avoid hitting a person or object.

The parking lot needs to be more closely monitored by school staff and there could definitely be some beneficial changes added. Such as stricter parking pass requirements, monitored speeds, and more.

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