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Jayden Harrington

Jayden Harrington, Staff Writer

There is a particular kid just from Los Angeles, California who loves football. That kid is Jayden Harrington. If there is one thing Jayden is passionate about it’s Football. Jayden is an Energetic  Kid and loves playing football for the simple fact that he can feel as free as a bird flying around on the field.  

A curious kid with tall stature, this is Jayden  He loves writing about important events that grab readers like sporting events, racial injustice, and other controversial events. .That is right up his alley. Since he was young he always pretended to write leads on very popular sporting events and he used to analyze sports with passion as he still does to this day. In his life, he wants to be a journalist so he can intrigue other people with the things he loves writing about. He really wants to speak about things that bring people together like sports, music, community events, and also he wants to keep people alert with the events going on in today's world. Jayden is a kid full of hope and ambition and hopes to inspire others with the power of journalism. 


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Jayden Harrington