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Natasha is a Staff Writer

Natasha Coan, Staff Writer

New Mexico born and raised Natasha Coan, 16 year old girl who wants to travel the world and explore everything and everywhere. She grew up from a hard past and grew up extravagant. She hates people who try to control and butt their way into her life, especially if she dislikes you. People like to tease her a lot about how slow and dumbfounded she can get but she likes to think the opposite. She can be very confident in herself sometimes but that’s only when she feels good about herself, but most of the time she’s not.

Natasha is full Native American and her tribe is Navajo. When she was little she didn’t really understand much about her culture and much about the history of Native Americans back then. Her whole family know a lot about the culture and know the language. Natasha didn’t really grow up around her family much because she moved a lot and no one really taught her the language either. 

Another fun fact about Natasha is that she is a big K-pop Stan. K-pop is Korean pop music in South Korea, and K-pop nowadays is very popular, She first became a Stan at the ending of 2019. She’s been a K-pop Stan for almost 2 years now. Her first K-pop group she listened to was BTS and then her second group was a gg (girl group) BLACKPINK. After that, she started getting into more and more groups and not even groups she also started getting more into the culture of Korea too. She is obsessed with the food, and how delicious it is. She instantly fell in love with Korea and immediately wanted to travel to South Korea and visit when she’s older. That’s all there is to get to know Natasha.

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Natasha Coan