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Angelique Garcia-Barajas
Since she could remember, Angelique has always been in the middle of reality and fiction. She has a vivid imagination, often caught in daydreams. However, she also is a realistic person, seeing what is practical and what actually makes sense. Angelique considers herself a versatile person, often adapting to whoever is around her, and always accepting others the way they are. She is on a constant drive to be educated, which is why she feels journalism is another interest she must pursue. She is into a variety of things, ranging from anime, makeup, MMA, to politics, climate change, true crime, and racial/gender equality. She hopes her versatility an ability to adapt will aid her in her first year of journalism.

Angelique Garcia-Barajas, Op/Ed Editor

Sep 08, 2020
No one likes group projects, let’s get rid of them! (Story/Media)
Aug 31, 2020
No More Tik-Tok? (Story)
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Angelique Garcia-Barajas