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Hayden Larkin
A pretentious attitude and tall stature, this is Hayden. A student of the work of Allen Ginsberg and overly politically correct alternative music genres he's become somewhat of an “activist”. He loves writing about cool things like racial injustice, and mental health….yeah the fun and the lighthearted stuff. Since he was young he always wanted to make my stories, and still doesn’t do it. With his life, he wants to be a journalist so he can talk about artistic things he loves. He really wants to speak about is, things like music, movie, and poetry, or in other words, be poor and hungry. Someday he wants to create a fashion brand, and hopefully, it won’t look TOO ugly. He's just a guy who has a lot of artistic ambition that will get squashed, kinda like everyone else. 

Hayden Larkin, Staff Writer

Oct 01, 2020
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Hayden Larkin