Sneaker Shopping

    There are many models for Nike shoes. I think the three most popular shoes are Nike Air Jordan, Air Force 1, and Air Max 90. There are many other models of Nike however, I think those are mine on and probably everyone’s list. But I think the main shoes that are popular are the Jordan 4, Nike SB, Dunks High and Lows, and the iconic Air Force 1’s. Many other shoes could have been chosen but I think these are the most popular on the market and for good reason, they are a staple of iconic fashion. 

    Some of my favorite pairs of shoes are expensive and I only have one of them. The first pair of shoes that I have is my Travis Scott Nike SB Dunks, this pair of shoes is about $ 1,500 but I got mine for free. The next pair of shoes I wish I had were the Tokyo 5’s, this pair is up in price and this shoe is about $4,000. And my last and final pair is the De La Soul SB Dunks, this is the cheapest out of both pairs; they only run you about $540.

    There are many sites that you can get shoes from, some of the sites that I use are Stockx, GOAT, and the Nike SNKRS app. But there are many more or you could go to your local sneaker shop and buy shoes from there. But the reason I say why everyone should be wearing Nike’s is that their shoes are good for every sport like running basketball and many more. In my opinion, everyone should be wearing Nike. They have the best quality shoes on the market. Your average running shoe will run you about $90, your basketball shoes like Jordans and Kobes will be about $150 to $200, and your skating shoes like Dunk and Nike SB would be about $100 on average.