The Freshman Experience

Your freshman year of high school is a huge transition from middle school.  As an incoming freshman, high school may seem and be extremely scary and stressful.  You might feel lost, and uncertain about where you need to be, and who your teachers are. Worrying about being in a brand new environment can be overwhelming.  There are things you need to know that are not covered by the student handbook.

Skipping class is a big deal.

One mistake most freshmen make is skipping class. This isn’t always on purpose. Usually, students get confused with the week schedule since Wednesdays depend on your 4th-5th period and also depend on what wing you’re in. A good way to not accidentally miss class is to ask your Advisory teacher what the wings that go to A and B lunch are. A good way to remember them is to write them down in your note app. Be aware, that the more tardies you get, the closer you are to getting detention.

If you ride the bus to school you need the Edulog app.

It tells you how far your bus is, what bus is picking you up, and your bus number. Which is something you never want to forget, especially at the end of the day. Another thing is to make friends on that bus, that way you don’t feel as awkward sitting next to someone you don’t know.

If you are a girl, you should keep a small hand mirror in your backpack because the bathrooms with mirrors will always be packed. 

Don’t Sit in the Back of the Class

You will get distracted and bored because you aren’t focused on the teacher or the whiteboard. Picking a seat in the front will help you stay on task, thus, helping you achieve good grades. 

Turn in Your Work

Even if you don’t know the answers you should at least try and turn your assignments in as soon as you can. Missing work will stack up on you and will be too much for you to handle in the long run. 

Perseverance is very important in high school and you will learn that quickly it is not the teacher’s job to remind you of your late work or schedule a time for you to retake a quiz/test that is worth half your grade. It is your job as a high schooler to learn how to be independent and responsible…Ultimately, missing work will significantly decrease your grade and you may fail.