Mrs. Auble Returns


Pierce Tuttle

Mrs. Auble returns to the classroom at Verrado this semester.

Verrado welcomes an old friend as Mrs. Auble is making her way back into the classroom at Verrado. Mrs. Auble, a teacher of US History and AP US History, is back at Verrado to teach after working for a couple of years as the Instructional Coach for Verrado. When asked why she wanted to be back in the classroom, she said “I loved being Verrado’s Instructional Coach – it allowed me to mentor brand new teachers and work with all the teachers through training and coaching. I learned so much from that experience and from all the teachers I got to work with, but in the end, I just missed working with and getting to know students. They’re the reason we all get into this profession, and they are my favorite part.” 

According to Mrs. Auble, the most difficult part of being back is  “student apathy and phone use. Learning about old stuff isn’t always the most exciting and trying to make history relevant to teenagers has always been a challenge, but it feels like today’s students often have super short attention spans. Nothing I do is ever going to be as entertaining as Tik Tok. Phone addiction is real, and unfortunately, I am seeing its impact on student learning. It was bad before the pandemic, but it’s so much worse now. I worry that if someone doesn’t put their phone away for class, are they putting it away when driving?”

Mrs. Auble is a huge Hamilton fan, and when asked what her favorite actor from the musical is she said, “I’d probably say Daveed Diggs as Jefferson. He captured Jefferson’s arrogance and political viewpoints but his character was the opposite of Jefferson in most other ways. (Jefferson himself was a walking contradiction). Jefferson was not loud, or boisterous, nor did he ever provide comic relief like the character on stage, and Diggs was just great. And yes, I can rap his song “Guns and Ships”.” When asked what her favorite part of history is, she said, “I am fascinated by the Civil War. It was the biggest crisis to face in this country, and impacted every single American and continues to impact us today. I think too often history feels irrelevant to students, but it’s important we try to figure out why America is the way it is and the Civil War is a huge part of that. So many incredible stories, and people…  it just absolutely captivates me.” It’s great to have Mrs. Auble back and students and teachers alike are excited to see what fun things she has in store for the rest of the year.