Vipers, Are You Ready to Travel Abroad?


Courtesy of Amanda Barnes

Students and sponsors pose in front of a Japanese garden during their trip.

(Content courtesy of Ms. Barnes.)

Verrado’s anime club just returned from our Spring Break trip to Japan with EF Tours.  Although I have never taken an out of country trip with students before, it ended up being much less stressful than I expected!  The hotels, food, and tour director experience were well-selected and pretty fantastic overall.  When we did have a travel hiccough on our way over, EF was able to help us troubleshoot pretty quickly, and afterward, they took our feedback to heart.  The trip itself was jam-packed with many excursions and activities to really make our time worthwhile.  Overall, it was a really quality experience, and I am super excited for the next EF Tours adventure coming up!

Although the Japan trip was more tourism-oriented, EF also offers a tour opportunity that is a mix of tourism and leadership development with their yearly summer Global Leadership Summit tours!

Ms. Moreno and I are organizing a trip to Berlin, Germany for the Summer of 2024.  This trip has about five days of Berlin sightseeing and typical tourism experiences, but it ends with a three-day leadership summit where students work with kids from all over to tackle a problem-solution, design-thinking challenge around the summit topic:  The Impact of Water on Society.  Groups will present their work, and the top teams will get their solutions displayed in the Nobel Prize Museum.