AP Biology Goes To San Diego


Rachel Schaus

Verrado Student Joseph Seymour (me) enjoying the view the tide pools provide.

Joey Seymour, Staff Writer

Amongst the many activities at our school going on trips, AP Biology is one of them. As they went on a four-day trip to San Diego, California, on Thursday before spring break. “The AP trip is designed to give students the opportunity to explore careers in the field of Biology,” said Mrs. Thomas, Verrado’s AP Biology teacher. This trip happens every year and is simultaneously fun and educational.

On day one, once the bus had reached Sea World, students could learn more about marine life through observation and interaction, but many of them prioritized going on the rides, including myself. “My favorite part of the trip is and will always be the tide pools. This study of the organisms and how they are adapted to the low/high tides always fascinates me!” explained Mrs. Thomas. Which was the next place the group went, where they could interact with the countless anemones on the shore.

On day two, AP Biology had gone to La Jolla Cove to observe a gathering of countless sea lions, which allowed students to study their behavior in large groups. After a few hours, all students went to Birch Aquarium to look at the diversity of sea life. Whale watching was a very anticipated activity for many students. However, it got canceled due to bad weather. Fortunately, there were plenty of whales to watch the next day at the San Diego Zoo.

On day three, the group went to the San Diego Zoo. Whether it was to pet animals or take the bus tour around the zoo, students thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. After their stay at the zoo, AP Biology Students were allowed to relax by going to the beach, where some students would collect sand dollars by the beach, others would go swimming in the ocean, and the rest would play beach volleyball together. “For seniors, [the trip] is an opportunity to be away from home…and manage themselves. A little fun with your classmates…adds to this experience,” described Mrs. Thomas.

On the final day, the students went to San Diego Wildlife, owned by the same people as the previous zoo but at a different location. One of the best aspects of the zoo is its program which aims to prevent the extinction of endangered animals.

The AP Biology field trip was an absolute blast for all who played a part in it. The AP Biology trip is a perfect demonstration of why students need to get involved and challenge themselves at school so they can receive opportunities like this. If this trip interests you, it’s never too late to talk with your counselor about joining AP Biology next year. The only requirement is to have completed a year of regular biology and a year of chemistry.