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Ms. Barnes’ Taco Bae Wedding

Courtesy of Amanda Barnes
Ms. Barnes in her wedding dress at the Taco Bell about to get married.


Over the summer, something incredible happened. Ms. Barnes, a Verrado English teacher, got married.

At the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas.

You heard that right! Since 2017, The Taco Bell on Las Vegas Blvd. has been holding marriages in their own Taco Bell wedding chapel.

According to Ms. Barnes, “My partner and I were thinking of a small ceremony with a few friends and family…(it) seemed pretty reasonable for the price. We also both love Taco Bell, and we mainly thought it would be kind of funny to get married there. Who else can say that their wedding was a Baja Blast”

-A Taco Bell wedding is perfect for anyone who wants to get married without having the stress and expense of a lavish affair. For a “tacotastic” price of $777, married couples-to-be can get a taco pack of 12, Taco Bell themed Garter and Bow Tie, two t-shirts, a Baja blast toast with 2 champagne glasses, and the Taco Bell Wedding chapel with an officiant and space for 25 guests.

“The wedding ceremony has a lot of Taco Bell puns/jokes in it, so that was a good time if you like corny jokes. We also kept making Baja Blast jokes,” says Ms. Barnes.

Even though Ms. Barnes tried to keep her wedding as chill as possible it wasn’t all jokes and tacos.

Ms. Barnes and her partner exchanging vows in the Taco Bell (Amanda Barnes)

“The Vegas Golden Knights hockey team won the NHS Championships on game 5 of the series, so their victory parade was happening at the same time as our ceremony was scheduled. This caused crazy road closures, so we had to move our ceremony up an hour, and our officiant was a little late getting there due to traffic,“ said Ms. Barnes.

Taco Bell films the ceremony and plays it on TV for everyone getting their food in the actual restaurant giving the married couple what may be unwanted attention.

“There are cameras and screens all around the venue, and they broadcast the wedding to the downstairs customers as well. Having people cheer when we came downstairs was unexpected and a little awkward!” says Barnes.

Although a Taco Bell wedding isn’t for everyone it was perfect for Ms. Barnes and her partner and will make a great story for them to tell for years and years.

“If you want a quick and low-key ceremony, you don’t mind being in Vegas, and you enjoy Taco Bell, go for it! The space is very small, though, so you can’t have more than 25 people there.“

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