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Quality Control : The Most Underrated Record Label Ever

Bryson Taylor
Graphic made by Bryson Taylor of the Viper Times to represent “Quality Control”
Graphic made by Bryson Taylor of the Viper Times to represent “Quality Control”

Quality Control (QC) is a record label and music management company. It was founded in 2013 by Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “Pee” Thomas. QC is known for representing and managing various hip-hop artists, and it has played a significant role in the success of artists like The Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, and many others. While QC itself is not an artist or producer in the traditional sense, it is closely associated with the music industry and has been one of the most slept-on record-producing labels ever, and in this article, we’ll break down just some of their greatest hits.

Control The Streets, Vol. 1

Unfortunately for fans of good music, QC has only officially put out 2 studio albums. In their 2017 debut, QC gave us “Control The Streets, Vol. 1”. The album came out at the absolute perfect time, as for many, music peaked from 2016-2018, and regardless of that, this album was well ahead of its time.

Some of the best hits include :

Hellcat (QC & Quavo)
-Produced by Quavo, DJ Durel, and Learic Spellman, this rap/trap gem showcases Quavo’s exceptional lyrical skills and dynamic flow. The lyrics touch on themes of leadership, dominance, and personal experiences, offering glimpses into Quavo’s own world. With its captivating beat, seamless production, and Quavo’s charismatic delivery, “Hellcat” has garnered a significant following, solidifying its position as a fan favorite within the rap music scene.

Mediterranean (QC, Offset & Travis Scott)
-Mediterranean is a collaboration between Quality Control, Offset, and Travis Scott. The track stands out for its infectious energy and absolutely one-of-a-kind production. Offset and Travis Scott came together and gave us the most underrated trap song of all time, it delivers powerful verses, showcasing their unique flows and wordplay. The song’s title is a reference to the luxurious lifestyle they lead, comparing it to the vastness and endlessness of the Mediterranean Sea. Lyrics like “All of these chains on me, I brought the gang with me” express their luxury. Overall, Mediterranean is a standout track with its catchy beats, impressive rap performances, and captivating lyrical imagery.

My Dawg (QC, Lil Baby & Kodak Black | Feat – Quavo & Moeybagg Yo)
-My Dawg (Remix) is one of the most highly acclaimed and popular songs from QC that has garnered a tremendous amount of love from music fans. The collaboration features a star-studded lineup including Lil Baby, Kodak Black, Quavo, and Moneybagg Yo. This combination of talented artists with their unique styles and captivating verses has contributed to the song’s incredible success. My Dawg has become a hit due to its melodies, catchy hooks, and relatable lyrics that resonate with listeners. The track showcases the artists’ chemistry and showcases their ability to effortlessly blend their voices and rap styles, making it a standout collaboration that continues to resonate with audiences around the world.

South Africa (QC & Quavo)
-South Africa by QC & Quavo is a widely loved song for various reasons. The track features Quavo’s perfect flow and Quality Control’s signature trap sound by using a saxophone beat, making it instantly appealing to fans of rap music. The catchy lyrics, such as “Skeleton on my wrist, no bones in my closet” contribute to the song’s overall appeal and memorability. The collaboration between Quavo and QC showcases their strong chemistry and talent, resulting in a hit that sticks with audiences. The seamless flow of the lyrics enhances the song’s overall lyrical prowess, adding depth and charisma to the track.

Too Hotty (QC & Migos | Feat – Eurielle)
-The song “Too Hotty” has gained immense popularity due to its infectious beats and catchy lyrics. It features a collaboration between Migos, QC, and Eurielle, a talented artist. The incorporation of Eurielle’s sample adds a unique touch to the track, creating an amazing fusion of genres. The song’s success can also be attributed to its energetic and dynamic nature, which resonates with listeners and keeps them hooked. With its memorable hooks and impressive production, “Too Hotty” has become a chart-topping hit loved by fans worldwide.

Control The Streets, Vol. 2

Graphic made by Bryson Taylor of the Viper Times to represent “Quality Control” (Brys)

After taking the world by storm with their first release, QC came out and dropped Volume 2, which was instantly a major hit and arguably better than the original. Some of the best hits include :

Baby (QC, Lil Baby & DaBaby)
-Baby by QC, Lil Baby, and DaBaby has quickly become a hit among music enthusiasts. The song brings together the talents of Lil Baby and DaBaby, two popular artists in the hip-hop/trap scene. Their seamless collaboration and electrifying chemistry on the track have gained widespread appreciation from fans. With its catchy hooks, great beat, and witty lyrics, “Baby” has captured the attention of listeners and climbed the charts. The successful release of a captivating music video has also contributed to its popularity, accumulating millions of views.

100 Racks (QC & Offset | Feat – Playboi Carti)
-100 Racks by QC & Offset has garnered immense popularity due to its collaboration with notable artists and insanely catchy beat. The song features the dynamic duo of Offset and Playboi Carti, an influential figure in the trap scene. The track resonates with listeners as it explores the artist’s ascent to fame and the opulent lifestyles that accompany their success. With its rhythm and compelling verses, “100 Racks” has become a certified hit, captivating fans and cementing its place as a favorite in the rap and hip-hop genres.

Bless Em (QC & Takeoff | Feat – Travis Scott)
-Bless Em by Quality Control & Takeoff featuring Travis Scott has stuck with listeners and become a hit for a few reasons. Firstly, the song features the collaboration of two highly acclaimed artists in the rap and trap music scenes, Takeoff and Travis Scott. Their individual styles and strong chemistry come together to create a captivating track that appeals to their fan bases. Moreover, the trap-infused production, courtesy of Cicero and DY Krazy, provides a hard-hitting backdrop that amplifies the energy of the song.

While this is only 8 of the MANY tracks put out on these albums, there are many more fan favorites not listed that you may enjoy. Overall Quality Control is more then loved in the trap community, and we can only hope that we get more new amazing music.

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