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Conan Gray Tour and Album Release Date

The name of Conan Gray’s upcoming album deals with relationships and moving on.

Rising artist Conan Gray has been making quite the commotion as of late. Conan has two albums, Superache and Kid Krow. Conan had his fans piece together the title of his new album last month by finding a poster with a letter in vinyl stores in different areas across North America. People sent in their local posters online to help other “coneheads”, the name of Conan’s fans, figure out what the name of the 3rd album was. They were able to guess on Conan’s website, and the following day he announced the title.

Found Heaven was the name of his next album and the fans were excited. The release date of the album is April 5th. Fans had already gotten to songs in the album before the release of the album name, such as “Killing Me” and “Never Ending Song”. However, on February 9th Conan released another song that was a part of Found Heaven called “Lonely Dancers”. It’s all about everyone being alone, single, or cheated on but making the best out of it by dancing. It is a very nice upbeat 80’s inspired song. Then, via an Instagram post on February 27th, he teased his new song “Alley Rose”, yet another song that will be part of the upcoming album. “Alley Rose” blessed ears on March 8th and is one of his most streamed songs. In shocking news, just recently on March 20th Conan performed at a venue in Los Angeles, CA. He wore a crop tank top that evening with the setlist of the tour revealing the rest of the names of the songs in Found Heaven. The songs of Found Heaven are the following;

“Found Heaven”
“Never Ending Song”
“Fainted Love”
“Lonely Dancers”
“Alley Rose”
“The Final Fight”
“Miss You”
“Forever With Me”
“Eye Of The Night”
“Boys & Girls”
“Killing Me”

On March 4th, he announced he was going on tour! He’ll be going to Arizona on October 20th, 2024. He will be singing his new album Found Heaven and other hit songs by him. The concert’s opener will be Maisie Peters, a pop artist, her most famous song being Worst of You. The tickets went on presale on March 6th. Tickets range from around fifty to three hundred dollars for the Arizona presale. The VIP tickets supposedly come with two exclusive merch items, in the past VIP viewers had gotten things like tote bags and shirts but at the moment we are unaware of what fans will receive for the Found Heaven tour. This will be his sixth tour, and he will be going all around the world. Due to his growth as an artist, he has expanded his locations to more spots. Unfortunately, countries outside of the United States have limited showings but he’s still giving people a better chance of seeing his concerts.

The Banter Buddies, Hannah, Aria, and Allison, will be going to the Arizona concert this October and they are very excited! Fellow journalist Aria says, “I am incredibly excited about the concert. I have been a fan of Conan for a long time and have wanted to see him for years. I’m obsessed with all of his music, so I’m looking forward to seeing him perform. I will most definitely explode people’s ears from how loud I will sing”.

Hannah says, “My favorite song by him is ‘Memories’, all of his music has a really good sound to it but this specific song is his best. I can’t wait!”.

Found Heaven merch is already available on Conan’s website. A lot of exclusive vinyls are out right now for the Found Heaven track.

All the “coneheads” are excited about his upcoming tour in the fall. Stay tuned for another update around the time he gets here in October, and join us for the night.

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    AbbieeApr 1, 2024 at 5:58 PM

    I’m literally SO excited for this album to come out!! Ily Conan!!!! ✨🤪💅✌✨