Good Habits Inspired by Kevin Atlas

Good Habits Inspired by Kevin Atlas

Annabelle Flores, Staff Writer

A habit is made within twenty-one days, according to Kevin Atlas, an inspirational speaker who visited Verrado High School to share his story in an attempt to help change the perspectives and attitudes of teens. Kevin Atlas’ motivating story began when he was born without an arm. Kevin’s struggle to love himself with this disability felt impossible to him which is why he experienced low self-confidence. Instead of letting insecurities and doubts prevail over him, Kevin made habits that helped him become the confident, self-loving, and successful person he is today. Kevin’s motivating speech about habits is what inspired me to create five easy realistic habits that can help change a person’s mindset about their self-image.

Try to limit your phone usage to 2 hours a day or less.

Eat three nutritious meals. 

Sleep for 8-9 hours

Start a journal; Journaling once a day to write down your thoughts and feelings can help with figuring out your emotions.

Take at least one hour out of your day to work out. 

Everyone has felt insecure or unsure of themselves at least once in their lives. When insecurities and doubts become unavoidable they can start to affect who you are and who you love. Many teens and young adults in this day and age of technology find themselves being more prone to being insecure because of social media. With both factors of being self-conscious online and in person, it can seem as though it’s impossible to love who you are; which is why I believe Kevin Atlas shares his story to inspire others.