Welcome to Cozy Grove: A Review

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    March 15, 2022

    There are many Nintendo Switch players out there. I’m one of them, and from my experience, it can be hard to find new games to play. Whether you already have it or it doesn’t pique your interest, there are a few games that more often than not go overlooked. One of these games is called “Cozy Grove.” I found this game a couple of weeks ago and thought the art style was cute. Because of it, I ended up getting the game and spending hours playing through it. Now, I’m very excited to share this cozy camping game with all of you.

    Upon your first arrival in the game, you can design your very own Spirit Scout. There are few options to choose from when designing your character, unfortunately. Even so, the unique styles fill in for the lack of options! Once you have your preferred appearance, you are free to explore your new location: A cold, deserted island filled with spirits. Your goal is to meet, assist, and make friends with different ghosts, as well as strengthen a spirit flame, ironically named Flamey, along the way. 

    How do you do this? It’s simple! Ghosts around the island will give you different tasks to complete, such as fishing, scavenging, or crafting certain items. Following these tasks, the ghosts will reward you with various treasures: Furniture, Artifacts, Tools, and spirit logs. These logs are what you use to add fuel to the flame, so make sure you keep them on you! When adding them to the fire, your home becomes warmer and more colorful, allowing more animals to reinhabit the island. Over time, you will also have more ghosts visit the island. I love this feature because of the new friends you get to meet! Each one comes with a special perk, as well! Some will provide tools, while others have mail services. A few of them even open shops that you can buy & sell items from at your leisure. 

    There’s lots of diversity in Cozy Grove, and though I haven’t finished the game yet, I’m getting there! I spend most of my time scavenging for items (using tools given to me by ghosts). I sell these items, though. Why? Because I’m poor. That is one of the few flaws in the game (unless I’m just bad at it. This may be the case.) Money is my only issue right now. When you consider the costs for shop goods and tent upgrades, make sure you have lots of coins to spend. Although most things can be handcrafted, there is still a lot to buy when decorating your area. 

    My biggest complaint about the game is inventory space. I only have one word, “Zero.” It may be a bit of an exaggeration, but with the number of things you can forage and collect, the space in your inventory fills up extremely fast, leaving you with two options: selling your items or handing them over to Flamey. Your fire-filled friend has extra storage space (around 15 slots), but it can also fill rather quickly. Here is where the logs also come into play. Every time you upgrade the flame, you get more perks & more storage. So even though I have no space now, I most likely will later on. 

    So in hopes that I get rich and full of inventory space, I’m sure I will continue to love this game! My hours will build up, and If I discover something else worth sharing, I’ll be sure to add an update of some sort for those of you who are reading this. Overall, the game is very cute, and a good time-consumer for when you are bored at home. It’s worth a shot, especially for only $15!