Time Goes By


(This “Dear Verrado” appears courtesy of Ginna Medrano.)


Dear Verrado, 

On August 6th, 2018, I entered the building that would bring me friendships that I will take with me, for the rest of my life and mentors, that I couldn’t have made it through, without. The last four years have been years, like no other.  

On the very first day of my freshman year,  I walked onto campus, knowing only one familiar face.  Every class was a class full of strangers and unknown faces. As the year went on,  I joined the volleyball team, established friendships, and became an active member of the Verrado High School community.  Joining a sport was the best decision I could have made.  It helped me focus and organize myself and my studies. All the girls in the volleyball program turned into a family to me and made me feel more comfortable and less like a stranger roaming the halls. 

Sophomore year arrived and hit every student attending Verrado High School and high schools around the world, with a curveball – COVID-19. The pandemic forced all students into a remote learning situation, isolating us from our social groups and limiting interaction with others. This change, which none of us had control over, ripped away half of my sophomore year and my entire junior year. Losing this period of time, half of my high school experience, made me realize that I took those days prior, for granted. If I could go back, I would embrace each of those days with appreciation and joy. 

Time seems to have come and gone so quickly. In the weeks to come, I will have a greater appreciation for those around me, the staff, the students, and the school. Having experienced the temporary loss of all of it, because of COVID-19, I know the impact of what is to come. I value my experiences, the lessons learned and the love and friendship gained.

As I spend my last few weeks of high school,  I will cherish every moment I have. My last walks to class with my friends, the laughs I have at lunch over the smallest joke, and getting to go outside and play football with the unified students. As the end of the year rolls around, I will be taking in these small moments that I will never get to experience again.

So, today, as you start YOUR new journey, here at Verrado High School, know there are people around you who care about your future, your decisions, and your well-being.  Love your friends with all your heart, be kind to others and yourself, and know these are the best days of your life, so enjoy and embrace them with all of you!


Be safe and be happy!


Ginna Medrano