Become Riveted by Simon Teen

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    Courtesy of Simon Teen

    Riveted by Simon Teen is a YA book site.

    Riveted by Simon Teen is the website of Simon and Schuster, a giant publisher, that offers a variety of free young adult fictional books monthly.  They switch up the different books, so readers can add some diversity to people’s reading lists. In the case that a person doesn’t enjoy or just isn’t interested in this month’s full reads Simon Teen also offers extended excerpts. Extended excerpts are good to give a person a bit of insight into a book when they’re looking for a new read, it lets them decide if a book would be in their tastes. With both the free books and book excerpts there’s also a section for extras, this section offers other stories that are just as interesting as the books that people can read in full. Moreover, Simon Teen is very active on social media showcasing the different books that they offer along with spreading the enjoyment that they get from reading by posting daily, to be able to find them use the handle @SimonTeen on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

    While books are the main focus the website offers separate activities or entertainment. Simon Teen provides quizzes that people can do for fun, out of curiosity, or to try and get a book recommendation out of it. Some quizzes are quicker than others but it’s about the fun of it more. Not only do they have quizzes they also have different videos about not only books but plenty of topics regarding books as well. Some videos are more so playful while others could be more informative about a topic regarding reading or even people who are just excited to showcase a book that they enjoy and wish to show others. Along with videos they do have some articles that are about the books of the month or book lists that are filled to the brim with recommendations.

    Simon teen also advertises their virtual book club but also sweepstakes. The virtual book club offers people to come onto Instagram Live, allowing people to interact with each other and the author of the book they’re focusing on. Now with the sweepstakes, a person would be able to get a chance to get various types of books, Usually monthly Simon Teen offers different types of books, and this month they’re offering books based on romance. With this, I encourage people to check out Simon Teen, it’s a good opportunity to expand their reading list for free or maybe just to browse and see if anything catches their eye. It also can give people or students a good opportunity to connect with people or even to do a fun little quiz to pass the time.