Vipers Stop Showing your Fangs In the Parking Lot!

Starting this year, the parking lot has become a lot safer. This year admin is doing their best to check parking passes and ensure people are driving safely. Assistant Principal, Mr. Lees, explained that throughout this year, parking in the student lot is a privilege, and many of this year’s students find this comforting. He emphasizes that if a student isn’t taking the proper steps to keep other people safe or is consistently parking in the wrong spot they will take their pass away. Mr. Lees also explains that the purpose of assigning each student a parking spot is so they can identify the students in case of an emergency.

 If a student is not using a pass, they can put one on the car and charge it to the student’s account. Mr. Lees also says that if a person is unable to pay the fifty dollars for the pass, the staff can work with them and help the student pay for it. Mr. Lees emphasizes that he and many other staff members want to assist students. They want to keep the students safe and try to help them have an excellent high school experience. He also shares that the money for these passes goes toward paying for the school resource officers, different staff members, and other purposes.

For students who have been worried about parking in the wrong spot or someone parking in their area, Mr. Lees reassures them that mistakes can happen and someone may park in the wrong place. If this happens, the admin would like that person to tell the admin team immediately and not handle it yourself. The admin will inform the student and deal with it that way. If students park in the wrong spot will be given no consequences for a first-time offense. So make sure everyone stays safe and buys their passes!