Employees must wash their hands… Before Murder

Yakira Wade

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“Something is rotten at the Burgatiorium, a low-end fast food restaurant…. and it’s not just the burgers…” 

This play is a murder mystery about the employees trying to wipe their hands free of an unsuspected murder after finding out about a surprise government inspection. It is a whimsical comedy that is sure to gain your attention. Auditions have ended; Murder mystery and Comedy, are soon coming together to create a great show. Performances are on from September 29th to October 1st.  The whole cast and crew are very excited to welcome students and families alike to see and enjoy the show.

Gabby Comer, Theatre Club secretary, spoke about how she first auditioned last year in 2022 because she wanted to get involved in the community and make friends. It ended up being a good experience. Many theatre kids can share the experience of being a little nervous to try something they haven’t done before. Technical theatre is just as fun and suited for those who may not want to take the stage light. Behind the scenes, students get to work on the key features that create a performance.

 Those who missed the cut-off for the auditions and still want to be a part of Theatre, can join the theatre club. The club has a similar experience and meets every Tuesday. If a student is thinking about joining, Gabby says, “It’s a tight-knit community…always a special experience.”  Mrs. Farrigton also invites people to just go for it because theatre is very enjoyable.