Childhood Backpacks Making a Comeback

Brissa Zambrano

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 As the school year begins, many students can point out all the nostalgia and variety of different senior backpacks. There are many like Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, and minions roaming the halls. One senior tradition that Verrado has is picking a senior backpack that describes your inner child such as a show or movie you admired and loved as a child. Coming to school represents those childhood memories and the way you grew up looking up to these characters and how they help you develop into the person you are today. Not only is it a way seniors can come together and bond but it’s a realization that they’re growing up and will soon start adulting and are no longer children. This is one way you can achieve that. 

For many students, this is a very meaningful trend to express yourself as this could be the last time in a classroom. On the other hand, many students may cringe at the fact that they’re wearing a backpack that is meant for a child but what they won’t understand is why not their life is just continuing by continuing their education. At this point, it’s time for some students to relive those childhood memories and lessons by embracing those childhood memories representing a character or show that helped carve and make them the person they are today. 

Vipers have special ways of using backpacks that show off their personality. Alvaro Pereira revealed that his robot backpack is a way for him to express how he enjoys mechanics and putting things together. It also allows him to express his childhood memories of growing up building robots and living on those memories. He plans on continuing his trade of mechanics after the school year is over. 

The senior backpack is a great way to express our inner child and amazing Verrado tradition. No matter wherever you turn in the hallways you are bound to encounter all the different incredible and mesmerizing Disney, nickelodeon, and those backpacks are bound to unlock those childhood memories.