Moonlight Masquerade Rescheduled



Verrado’s Winter Formal is this weekend and the theme is Moonlight Masquerade.

J'Nay Coopwood, Staff Writer

Rescheduled to February 18th, Verrado’s STUGO will be hosting the winter formal, themed moonlight masquerade. STUGO  has worked extremely hard putting this project together for all the students at Verrado High School. Tickets are at a way lower price than homecoming this school year at only $15 per ticket, only half the price of homecoming tickets! The formal will take place in the cafeteria. Bring your date, bring your friends, have fun, and be safe. Everyone will be monitored at the Moonlight Masquerade, so don’t do anything to get yourselves in any trouble! 

 The theme is the Moonlight Masquerade. Bring your best mask and come best dressed! Masks will be provided and you can also bring your own. You can only get the tickets at the bookstore, as of right now,  during lunch, during your passing periods, and before and after school for only $15. Students buy tickets now because there is no guarantee tickets will be sold at the door! So make sure you get yours and don’t miss out! This is the first time Verrado has chosen the theme of Moonlight Masquerade, It’s an exciting theme that matches a lot of students’ vibes and STUGO is sure students will have lots of fun decorating their masks, picking out what they’re going to wear, and at the dance. 

When coming in your best-dressed outfits with your friends, show up and show out wearing bright colors and become creative. If you’re going to wear glitter make sure to wear a lot and leave a mark on the school with a suit or dress and a mask! Shed some feathers.  Wear bold colors like red, and yellow, and only the best look good in orange. If you’re coming with a date make sure to match and go above and beyond with your outfit. Take pictures as well to keep this memory alive as it is going to be so much fun!