Verrado Vipers Boys Soccer Playoff Run Comes to an End


Luke Serino

Verrado Boys Soccer prepares for action during their playoff game.

Pierce Tuttle, Staff Writer

Verrado Vipers Boys Soccer Playoff Run Comes to an End

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end in this world. Some things come sooner than many of us would like. The Verrado Vipers Boys Varsity Soccer team was on an absolute roll this year as they stomped through the valley finishing the season before the playoffs 20-1. However, after having a fantastic season and finishing 1st in the 5A Section West, the team found themselves in the playoffs, where they would, unfortunately, lose their second game to Casteel. Making their final record become a total of 21-2 following the playoffs. The Vipers had done great all season at winning games, seemingly with ease, often not allowing their opponents to score, but Casteel had their number.

Their only loss during the season before the playoffs had come from a 5-4 loss to Dessert Edge High School. The loss to Casteel in the playoffs was one of the hardest games of the season, let alone the hardest loss of the season, even though it was only their second. They fought hard and truly to the very last moments of the game. They lost to Casteel 1-0. The only score in the game occurred of a Penalty Kick and was definitely not the way the team would have wanted to have the game end.

Despite this not being the ending the Vipers had in mind, they still had an amazing season. hard work and dedication that they showed this season, were very much appreciated by all students at Verrado. The players and the coaches showed us that they are willing to put in the work for their team. And even though they did not finish the way they wanted, they showed us a glimpse of what they can do and we have so much to look forward to next year with all the new talent also.