Prom Fashion Show


Kevin Reinhardt

A model during the single lady’s section posing for the cameras.

Gabby Comer, Editor-in-Chief


This year’s prom theme is CASINO ROYALE. Stugohosted a fashion show to reveal the theme and kick off the prom season. Prom will be on April 29th, at the Renaissance Hotel, in Glendale. Students in the fashion show were separated into 3 groups: single girls, single boys, and couples. Each walk showcased different outfits that go with the James Bond-inspired theme. Along with their walk, each group did a group performance. The theme is based on a James Bond movie Casino Royale. The film features Astin Martins, men in tuxedos, and women in gorgeous dresses. Tickets are being sold in the bookstore: $70 for single tickets and $125 for couples. Purchase tickets now before the prices rise and support the school.