Powder Puff Begins At Verrado High School

Kevin Reinhardt, Editor-At-Large

The term “Powderpuff” speaks nothing of a long-lasting tradition of football but for Verrado High School it’s brand new. Powderpuff, the once-a-year event, is a special football game where the guys and girls switch roles. Usually one would find a guy on the field in the action, and the girls on the track cheering them on, but for this game, this isn’t true. Guys on the sidelines trying their best to hold each other up in stunts, while the girls are all up in each other’s faces trying to get a touchdown. Juniors and Seniors go head to head in this all-out match.

This game has been a tradition, not just now at Verrado High School, but for many years dating back to 1945 in Eastern State Teachers College, in Madison, South Dakota. During WWII many people were out of ideas for entertainment so this was a great outlet for the people attending school at the time. Verrado High School wanted to include this in their yearly plan, and for their first annual powderpuff game, STUGO went all pink in their PINK OUT theme. This year the Senior class was able to take the win, but who knows what will happen in the years to come.