Don’t Cross Swords With The Fencing Club!


Courtesy of Kristi Studts & Viper Fencing

Fencing club sponsor for fencing club Mr. Brown meets a scary clown that might’ve met their fencing match.

Pierce Tuttle, Staff Writer

Fencing is a sport that has been around for centuries and has especially gained popularity in schools as of late. It’s not only unique, but Fencing is also a sport that requires physical and mental strength, making it an amazing choice for students that are looking to join a new club or looking for a challenge. Fitness and health aren’t the only benefits of joining the Fencing Club. There’s also opportunities to bond and meet new people as well as fight with lightsabers.

Spencer Brown, who also teaches art classes here at Verrado, is the fencing club leader/teacher. Mr. Brown uses an interesting technique to teach his students, European Saber Fencing, Shinai-an, and Lightsaber Fencing. Mr. Brown says, “Fencing is not only a physically challenging sport, but it also requires mental focus, strategy, and discipline. It provides a chance for students to develop their physical strength, agility, coordination, and mental acuity, while also fostering a sense of camaraderie among club members.”

The Fencing Club at Verrado focuses on teaching the techniques of swordsmanship a type of martial art. Students will learn various techniques such as basic strikes, footwork, and proper stance. They will also learn about the importance of focus, anticipation, and intuition in sword fighting. Additionally, students will be taught about the principles of balance, inner strength, humility, and the art of sword fighting, which are integral aspects of philosophy. The club aims to provide a well-rounded training program that encompasses both the physical and mental aspects of sword practice.

Other than the strategic techniques that the club learns, they also have the honor and opportunity, to use what they learn in a live “mock fight” or “spar” that they do against their fellow clubmates, using practice swords. This adds a bit of excitement and fun to their training sessions. Along with that, the club has chances to participate in demonstrations and workshops. The club hosts guest instructors to further enrich their learning experience.

The fencing club also gets to participate in competitions. They can go against other schools, local groups, and regional, or even Kendo national tournaments. These competitions provide a way for the students to apply their skills in a competitive setting and measure their progress. Fostering a sense of sportsmanship, and community, Fencing allows students to learn to respect their opponents and display good etiquette during matches.

The fencing club is surely an inviting community and supports everyone who gives their club a chance. The club also meets weekly to ensure that they stay prepared and skilled at all times, never falling behind. They meet on Tuesdays from the end of school until anywhere around 4:15.