Assignment Gets Students Thinking About Potential New Electives at Verrado


Pierce Tuttle

Students present their projects to the principal and other members of the board.

Pierce Tuttle, Staff Writer

Verrado high school has a lot of options when it comes to choosing an elective, however, in a new assignment that was given to the students of Mrs. Savages’s English class, students look to share their opinions on the school’s options.

What started off as an assignment with little to no real effect on the school, has now blossomed into a chance for the students of Verrado to voice their opinions to the school board.

According to Mrs. Savage “We wanted students to think about how a person/people can make a difference, but after many students have taken this assignment more seriously than expected, it has spiked the interest of many and has now become a chance for the students to create new ideas for the school.”

Mrs. Meier who is also a teacher for the English class said “We made this project a student-run project to increase engagement and empowerment. We wanted to inspire students to not only want to learn but to make a difference about something they truly care about.”

Students prepare to present their work and opinions on a new school trophy case. (Pierce Tuttle)

Although having a large amount of fun and educational elective classes, many students wonder if there are some electives that could be added to the school or considered, in order to make the high school experience at Verrado, that much better. Ideas float around in the heads of the students of Verrado, coming up with some really great ideas for new electives, if there possible.

The goal that Verrado High School has is to make the best experience for its students. They are in their best interests.

A few really great elective ideas included a Culinary class and other classes too like an American Sign Language class and other language classes.

Students have come up with new ideas including one of how the school could have a carpentry/shop class, because not only does this allow for the students to learn how to make things with wood, but it gives them the opportunity to open their minds to new jobs that they may have never considered to pursue.

“We wanted to inspire students to not only want to learn but to make a difference about something they truly care about.”

— Mrs. Meier

The World Music class would be amazing because of the amount that you could learn about different cultures and the world around us and third world countries and maybe even how they operate in life today.

Students have been working hard on their projects and several ideas have been sprouted through this project. Some students even work hard enough to present to Viper admin and staff in hopes that their ideas are genuinely heard by the staff.

The overall outcome of the project was great, Mrs. Meier even said “The projects turned out amazing. The students were passionate about their projects and wanted to make a change. They learned a lot more about their topics and all the work it takes to truly make a difference.”