See Something, Say Something

     On March 16th, 2022, there was an armed student on the Verrado campus. Luckily, no one was hurt, and thank you to the security and many staff members assuring the safety of the students. Students communicated with staff about the teen having the gun.

    Communication in our community plays a big part in our safety. Communication between students and staff is just one of the ways we stay safe and informed. Verrado High school is grateful that everything was resolved in a positive way.

    Why is this important? The staff doesn’t always know what happens between students. They may see the outcome of fights or the latest Tik Tok trend of stealing items from school but they don’t always see what’s posted on social media or talked/rumored throughout the school. So, if any student hears or sees someone doing something that can be potentially harmful to the school or with a weapon please report it to a staff member. If you see something that’s wrong, say something. 

    There is an anonymous reporting app on the student resources tab, for students to contact the staff. It was a scary day for a ton of students and staff, we should ensure that we don’t want this to happen again. Communication works both ways. Verrado is our school and everyone has a voice. 

    Overall, the students and staff being communicative toward each other would have made the situation less stressful and chaotic. As we move forward from this scary event, let this be a learning experience. Everyone on campus including the security was really brave and Vipertimes is extremely proud of everyone! ONE Verrado!