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Recently it seems like music has been a bit bland, the same five songs being played on the radio, and your playlist that you have spent years building just doesn’t feel the same anymore, this is accompanied by the fact that most prominent artists aren’t releasing much music at a decent rate just is making the world of music seem bland and sad. I had this same feeling for a while, there was a good chance that when a song came on from my Spotify that I would skip it or I would just scroll through my playlist to find that one song and keep doing that over and over. That was until I found out about NOEL, more commonly known as Noel Miller, a popular YouTuber, and host on the TMG podcast. 

You may think that because he was so many fans and followers across multiple platforms his music would be popular, and while his song does have a lot of plays most of his music is highly underplayed and underrated. The best way to describe his music would be a mixed rap and hip-hop, although there are some outliers. Most of his songs are right around two minutes long. They are some of the best all-around songs there are. Need a motivation song? NOEL, need a workout song? NOEL. In the mood for a sad song? NOEL. It’s hard to narrow it down but my two favorite songs of his would have to be a tie between Rat Race and Lennon’s Ghost, Rat Race being a little more fast-paced and Lennon’s Ghost being a little slower but still hitting the same. And if rap or hip-hop isn’t your thing, NOEL does make more music on the side with his comedy group TMG, which is him and Cody. The music they make is good, my favorite being Sofia. A lot of their songs are comedy songs, but they are good. They are just meant to make you laugh and put you in a good mood. 

NOEL is an extremely underrated and very talented artist, someone who I think should be getting more attention and someone who I think you should check out.