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Liam, our Entertainment & Reviews Editor

Liam Stillson, Entertainment & Reviews Editor

Massachusetts born, Arizona-raised, Liam has embraced the wild west lifestyle, always having horses right in his backyard and traveling the state and the region competing in all types of competitions, having some wins under his belt. Though he still has horses you can now find him either on the field getting ready for his next football game or in his garage working on his cars. Later in life, Liam has said he wants to serve his community by becoming a firefighter or a registered nurse, and although it may not be his number one priority he wants to have his take on current events for the public to hear and share with others his stories and thoughts. 

Into his second year of Journalism and little has changed about Liam, you can still find him either at work now or working on his car. Currently he is preparing for EMT classes or the Goodyear Firefighter Cadets program come winter, using these classes to help him become a Firefighter later in life, and if that doesn’t pan out then at least he’ll have some rather unique life experiences and lessons. 

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Liam Stillson