Paint Your Dreams Away

The Verrado Art Club, run by both art teachers, Mrs. DeMarco and Mr. Brown,  is a place to let someone take art not only out of the classroom but also to have a positive place to freely do their art. The art club is filled with various activities based on creativity and being able to let someone’s mind run wild with all the possibilities. The art club is still relatively, but they hope that students will be eager to join. This year they are encouraging students who are passionate about art or those who are eager to try art. They truly want the art club to be a safe space for students to be able to express themselves  

Mrs. DeMarco expressed that she is trying to encourage the students to go above and beyond and participate in activities, especially those outside of school. When people are passionate about something going outside of their comfort zone and decide to take a leap and try something new. It can change a person. The new freshman or even upperclassmen who are interested in art can always take the opportunity to branch out and have different opportunities that they may not have even known they could have. This year the art club has big plans and opportunities they plan to give their students. Without saying too much about their plans, students can look forward to art shows and competitions in the future.

Not only is the art club a good opportunity for others to have a safe space or try something new, but it’s also a chance to meet people. It has been expressed by Mrs. Demarco that having not only a safe space but also the opportunity to meet people with similar interests can have a great impact on students.、Not only is a person doing something they’re passionate about but having people surrounding them that have the same passion. It allows students to support each other and lift each other, or even to see something in a different light. While some may be intimidated by joining an art club once they get there they’ll be quick to realize it’s a welcoming environment that just wants to support the students and give them the opportunities they may not even know that they had, and it wouldn’t hurt to make a few new friends along the way.