AIA Spiritline State Championship Finals

Maximum height and splits during the Viper cheer competition last weekend.

Emily Hernandez Alvarez, Staff Writer

On Saturday, January 21st, our Verrado Cheerleading and Pom teams competed against teams from different schools around the state. All the hard work of these amazing students paid off, getting them in 9th place in Show Cheer and 4th in All Girl Stunt (Cheer Team, Division 2), and 5th place (Pom Team, Division 2), adding another win to our school, leaving both teams in

The Viper flag bearer performs during the AIA spiritline competition. (Courtesy of Jared Fink)

top 10 and top 5 in the state respectively.

The championship focused on many details for scoring. Cheerleaders were scored for crowd leading, stunts, pyramids, tumbling, dance jumps, and finally showmanship. When asked what they should have done differently to prepare for the competition, Senior Cheerleader Brooke Borrayo said, “I should’ve had a better mindset, but I was still very proud of our achievement… We made it to day two, and I couldn’t feel prouder!”

The Viper Times had the opportunity to talk with Cheer Assistant Coach, Mrs. Diehl who shared her insights on team execution, “The team definitely improved throughout the season, and even from the preliminary date to the second day of the competition, they improved a lot.

Team members recognize that they could’ve done more to prepare for the competition, but are still happy with the results. “Execution wise everybody did their very best to give their all on the mat…In matters of effort, dedication, and determination it’s always going to be the Verrado standard for us to have the best girls on the mat” said Senior Cheerleader Nicole Soba.

Verrado Cheer sets up a pyramid before a basket toss. (Courtesy of Jared Fink)

The girls stated how they all had a hard couple of days preparing for the competition, but they got through it and gained another win for our school. “Really focus on what you do best” and  “Just keep doing what you know how to do and don’t let anything else (besides the cheer environment) affect you”, said Junior Cheerleader Aubree Carlson.

Aubree Carlson does an amazing heel stretch at the end of the routine. (Courtesy of Jared Fink)

Meanwhile, in the pom division, Pommies were scored for pom motions, sync, spacing, musicality, artistry, visuals, and execution of technical skills. When asked what they would say to future pommies, Senior Pommie Nyla Carter’s response was “Just have fun, be a team player and be willing to put effort into your work”.

The girls spent arduous hours in weight lifting and strength and conditioning training to give their all at the competition. “For the first time in six years (way before my time at VHS), Verrado Vipers Varsity Pom placed in the top 5 at the AIA Spiritline Championship!” said Sophomore Pommie, Alyssa Hernandez.




Verrado Cheerleading strikes a pose during their competition performance. (Courtesy of Jared Fink)
The Verrado Viper Cheer squad strikes a pose at the end of their routine. (Courtesy of Jared Fink)