Galentine’s Day: A Day for Friendship


Curtesy of Wiki Commons

Valentine’s day is a time to lift up everyone you love, including your friends!

Emily Hernandez Alvarez, Staff Writer

Ah yes, Valentine’s day. A celebration long awaited by anyone with a significant other, preparing to give them the best gift of them all! But, what if you’d rather celebrate with your friends instead? Well, we present you with Galentine’s Day. Same concept and fun, with a simple twist, celebrating your friends. Today, we bring you multiple activities to do with your friends during this day of friendship and love:

What about a matineé?

Pick your favorite movies, whatever gets you pumped and excited, or sad and emotional! From Rom-Coms to Horror movies, just choose your pick. What better way to decide than by voting on it? As a group, nominate four movies of different genres and write them on a whiteboard. Let your friends decide by drawing hearts beside the names of the movies. The movie with the most hearts wins! 

Bonus: try to bring air mattresses, pillows, and blankets to make your house feel like a real theater!

Getting a lil’ somethin’ somethin’

Galentine’s Day is about love and friendship, so sport your best love colors! Make all the snacks pink, red, and white, and assign a color to each person in your friend group. You can have both strawberry and vanilla ice cream, heart-shaped cookies, or even a charcuterie bowl consisting of raspberries, swiss cheese cubes in the shape of hearts, and meats made in the shape of roses. Remember, it does not have to be perfect! As a bonus, Papa Johns’s has a Heart-Shaped Pizza special, so check that out.

Time to party!

The most difficult part of a party is always the decorations. Simple things like heart-shaped red, white, and pink balloons are always a must (you can find these at the dollar store). Galentine’s day is all about friendship and appreciation, something you can express with this small activity:

As a group, get in a circle. Each guest will say something they love about the person to their left, the person to their right, the person in front of them, and finally something they love about themselves. It’s always important to express you gratefulness to your friends, and this activity gives you a great chance to do it.

Remember, have fun, enjoy, and be responsible with your decisions. We hope you all have an amazing Valetine’s Day.