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Jocelyn, our News Editor

Jocelyn Lopez, News Editor

 From Buckeye Arizona, we have Jocelyn Lopez joining something that she thinks she might be passionate about. She has always been the type of girl that would always keep to herself and be afraid of trying new things. Although this is her first time doing something in the school paper, also known as Viper Times, she thought it would be fun to get out of her comfort zone. Jocelyn is very passionate about her school work ethic and the sport she plays. 

The sport Jocelyn plays is softball. She's been in softball for 11 years and is now going to be a third-year varsity player for Verrado High School. She also loves to write about a lot of things that range from narratives to argumentative essays, but the one thing she loves out of all the options she has is that she would love to write about the news and what is happening in the world. She’s just your basic girl that just has the passion to write and is fully ready to show that in her own way. So with that being said, she is ready for anything that comes her way.

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Jocelyn Lopez