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Jake Gonzales, Staff Writer

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised there for the first 15 years of his life is a kid named Jake Gonzales. It was in these first 15 years he found his love for sports, especially baseball. Baseball is the main facet of Jake’s life as he usually is practicing most days during the week and then playing games on the weekend. The baseball field is a place for Jake where for a few hours he can forget about the challenges and hardships going on in his world. 

As well as sports, Jake also takes interest in discussing politics and other controversial subjects. When he’s writing or talking about most things or issues he tries to do as much research as possible on the subject. Growing up he would always write about different sporting events in school and try to mimic different articles he saw from other journalists. It is his dream that post-college he can cover professional sports and political topics for a living. He hopes to use his writing to try to help and inform others. 

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